Propane Tank Refurbishing

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Today the most important aspect of a successful business is its appearance.  Maintaining a positive appearance sets your business apart from the competition.
In this day and age, renewing and reusing resources is on the forefront of all business plans.  Instead of sending a 57 year old tank to the scrap yard, make it look brand new and perfectly functional for a fraction of the cost of a new tank.  With the high prices of steel, it only makes sense economically to refurbish and recycle those tanks in your yard that seemed unusable.
Your sales team is trained to sell and in order for them to do the job they are best at, your product needs to be ready and available to leave your yard in perfect condition.  Time demands are critical to the success of your business and having a yard full of quality refurbished tanks will give your team the ability to consistently generate profit.



We proudly use Rego valves.